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not with a bang but a drizzle

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not with a bang but a drizzle

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So much for stormy weather. Oh, there goes a roll of thunder, but still, it's been calm for over an hour - and not that sick kind of dead that says "storm's comin'," either. Anyway, I believe once the sun has set, the atmosphere is too uniformly cold to generate tornadoes - and that's the only bit that's really worrisome to me.

However, that hour not spent sitting here is an hour that I spent reading and dutifully doing good housesittery things, so I'm cool.

Of course, I had seen the surge protector by then anyway, so I also deserve willpower kudos for not turning it right back on. :)

I still want to hear "Stormy Weather", though. I think I need to go buy some Ella CDs.
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