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yeah right, As If!

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yeah right, As If!

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The webcomic As If has made it to strip #404.  It is now, however on an extended hiatus of as yet undetermined length.

As If is a manga style webcomic.  I first discovered it in an article/discussion thread about such comics - about the dangers of copying manga to an artist and about how artists can preserve their own inherent originality (I wish I still had a link to this article; it was interesting and informative, stemmed some fairly cool discussion and provided at least one kick-ass link).  As If was being heralded as an excellent example of how to work with a semi-mangaesque style while finding and supporting your own style within it.  I have to agree with the assessment.

As If is set in the 80's; the characters are kids in school; I'm not sure how old they were when it started, but they are sophomores in high school as of the beginning of the pause - the story arc in progress is about that holy of holies, the first car.

Much of the reason for the hiatus, according to the artist*, is the strain and stress over the book deal for the first three hundred strips, which deal eventually fell through.  Can't blame her - I can't even cope with my own insurance forms, let alone a disaster of that magnitude.

So, in the meantime, As If is going on my On Hiatus list, because optimism forbids me from putting it on the Archive Only list until there's an official notice of, "No mo', no way, no how, no day."  I will watch for its return - but I won't pin my hopes on it.  There's enough heartbreak in the world without me starting to pull silly stunts such as that.

I have enjoyed this comic muchly, and I recommend the archive as a sweet, cute, totally inoffensive and not too voluminous read.

In the meantime, has anyone read any good webcomics lately?  I have an opening.  ;)

*  Interestingly, As If survived a switch in artists (I think what happened is that one of the co-creators left, but there seems to also have been a name change, so the current artist may be a fresh third party) with a very smooth transition.  I find this striking, and refreshing.  And nice.  Don't forget nice.  :)
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