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so, where am I?

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so, where am I?

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I am not at home. 

I know that I am not at home, as not only am I surrounded by stuff not my own, but I am posting to my LJ, and there is no working computer at home right now.  That will soon be remedied (though not really soon enough for nekouken, sorry, guy (yes, I really am sorry, just not enough to do anything about it)), but in the meantime, what does that mean as to my current locale?  Where, in fact, am I?

I am, in fact, at the Event Horizon.  I am all alone, barring felines. 

It is very nice to be here.  It is a nice place in which to exist.

This turn of events falls into the realm of "unplanned but not too surprising".  I am committed to housesit here for three weeks, starting Monday, and I came over here after work to do a few preparatory things for that span.  Unexpectedly, I have now been left alone -  afforded the luxury of a preview, of getting a mini-vibe on what it feels like to be here in solitude.

This is a new feeling.  Yes, I have done cat care here, multiple times, but cat care is completely different than this is going to be.  Cat care is completely task-oriented.  I came, I saw, I scooped the catbox.  Come, do, count fuzzy heads, go.  There is no leisure, there is no kicking back.  There is no silence that you have time to hear.

Yes, this is different.

I know I will not be alone much longer.  This is an impromptu evening, surely quite different than the doings that originally would have been held within these walls tonight (where surely = you bet your ass), and I'm not even sure what's happening next.  What I do know is this: I'm glad I'm here, and I'll vacate when I feel the need, which won't be right away - I don't fear being in the way, at least for a bit.  And if I overstay, I know the "hints" that will be thrown at me will at least be soft squishy bread products.

I appreciated this.

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