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a sudden stop

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a sudden stop

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Had a car accident on the way home from work - minor; I did take some damage, but it was just some scuffs, dents and scratches to the passenger side doors.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault - though the legitimacy of my "slight acceleration to get through a yellow" IS maybe a little dicey, it's not like I blew a red, and I think I was still going the speed limit... well, maybe... but anyway, I believe my bad act is kinda trumped by her "turning to get out of a driveway and going directly into the far lane", which I seem to think is illegal, especially since I was kinda occupying that lane. The cops usually think highly of the law against being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, I don't think she signaled.

It wasn't shocking or frightening. I wasn't scared at all, just kind of caught up in the surreality - I saw the accident coming, and not in that "the rest of the world is going in slow-motion" way. It's more that she was going slowly enough to stop easily, much more so than I, and I just could not believe she was going to drive directly into me, even though that was her obvious path.

It kind of felt like bumper cars, or driving in a video game. I swear, my first slightly confused thought was to keep on going. Well, most of those stupid races are timed. Good thing I don't care for GTA...

It's interesting to note that the reflex of slamming on the brakes, which I know I have because I've exhibited it in the past, didn't kick in to protect me from a danger from the side, even though it could have prevented the accident. Can't expect higher reasoning from my reflexes, but still, it's an intriguing thought - what reflexive action might one develop from repeated side attacks?

I determined on site that the damage to my car is cosmetic; if I opt to pretty the car up some time in the future, this will be taken care of then. Her damage was equivalent, and we both seemed unwilling to call the cops, insurance companies, et cetera.

We traded names and phone numbers in case either of us changes our minds, but I don't think it's likely - I think I'm settled, and I think the other woman thought it was her fault.

It's liberating, and slightly unsettling, to realize that I don't really care about this at all.
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