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this is brilliant :)

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this is brilliant :)

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Ann: George Michael! You said that you couldn't come to church because you were working, and now you're doing neither? That's quite a lot of sins for a Sunday afternoon, don't you think?

Waiter: (bringing drink to Maeby) Your virgin pina colada.

Ann: And now you're drinking?

GM: We're just having a little fun, y'know.

Ann: I think that church and studying are fun. I thought you felt the same.

GM: Well, I do! I like not having fun... I like your idea of fun, I mean... our idea of fun... I like not having that.

Ann: I'm going back to church. (storms off)

Maeby: Well, she just killed my buzz. So, you're still enjoying this relationship?

GM: Y'know, I mean, I think we've lost some of the heat since we have kissed. I mean, how do you relight that fire?

Huzzah for Arrested Development. :)
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