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when life hands you lemons, loudly refer to life as a scursecutor

Periodically, when I am in the mood for something completely random, I will go to the main page of Live Journal and look at the posts from the last minute.  It's a cross section of the subculture that is LJ.  Wow - 2623774 active journals!!  We could start a country!  That would be one way to expatriate!   Um, I'm so not moving to LJ Land.

This morning, being exceptionally weird anyway, seemed like as good a time as any for randomness.  Interesting trivial aside: a lot of the posts being made this time of day are in the Cyrillic alphabet, which I am sure has to do with time zones - a surety that mostly has to do with my complete lack of desire to actually try to figure out what time it is in any place other than here. 

Anyway, on this particular expedition into chaos I came across a community which may or may not be tongue-in-cheek:


Insight from the user info page:

</span>Scurvy is a lifestyle, not a disease, and it is not deadly. What are the statistics on deaths caused by scurvy annually? Lightning and robot attacks kill more Americans than scurvy. Over ninety percent of people who suffer or die from heart disease, cancer or AIDS have normal levels of Vitamin C intake. Pro-scurvs, on the other hand, do not die of these afflictions.

Is this community serious?  Is it an in-depth mockery of the appalling pro-ana outlook?  Having looked at it for a total of seven minutes, my gut says parody, and my brain fervently hopes my gut is right, but then again, my internal organs have the same kinds of conversations about things like Mothers against Peeing Standing Up and  Jack Chick tracts, and those are serious.  I think.  Maybe...  Ah, hell, I don't know.  Some people are extreme in life, some people are extreme in satire, and as the world spins on, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell the difference.

Me, I just laugh my ass off and then post about it.

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