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This joint has a security system which is constantly being violated - people prop the door with a corner of the rug that's nearby, or with a newspaper, or even just by jamming a coin into the locking mechanism.

This is something to be expected, as we live in kind of a shitty area.

I dislike those things, but it actually kind of freaks me out when someone calls me and refuses to say anything but, "Could you press 9, please?"  I know the buzzer's don't work well, so he may not actually have been able to reach the person he is visiting, and it's very nice that his mama taught him to be polite, but please alone doesn't get the job done.  When I ask someone who they are and they won't tell me, it doesn't really inspire my trust. The least he could have done is spun me some kind of damned story.

It's like nekouken just said when I told him what happened: "I may not know anyone else in the building, but I'm not about to call someone I don't know and demand they let me into their house." 


I'm just glad my apartment number isn't posted out there, since I know someone else will let him in...
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