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library blues

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library blues

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I don't want to start anything new in this area.  I am emotionally preparing myself to leave this place. 

There aren't many ways that that discommodes me, but I really did want to sneak by with my Woodridge library card for the next (X) months.  It's against the rules, technically, but I would not have felt bad about doing it - I have more than paid for it in late fines.  I tend to do well at keeping up with my checked-out books for a while, returning each bunch and getting new, but eventually I break the cycle, slip and keep the books too long.  Not only do I always pay the fines when that happens, but unlike video rental late fees, I don't even resent them - I regard late fees at libraries as my own personal unstructured patronage donation schedule. They do, however, make me feel like I've paid my dues as a Woodridge resident.  It's been a fair chunk of change over the years - I could not say how much, but the fines tend to rack up quickly when you take 15+ books out at a time, which I pretty much do whenever I go.

So, I considered my planned sneaking to be ok... but it was not to be.  The library doesn't feel quite the same way I do about the looseness of the residency stricture, and to get around that, one has to stop keeping books past the due dates.  The library notices that you have moved when you keep books out late, as they can't contact you to tell you your books are overdue.

Oops.  So much for my masquerade of citizenship. I have not exhibited good planning in my first attempt at a life of crime.

I'm not prepared to pay a non-residency fee to keep a card here. That kinda falls under the category of "starting new things" for me.

I paid my last fine today, though, and I came home with no books, which was a much bigger downer than it really should have been.

Not having access to the library won't actually change life-as-it-has-been-lately at all, because I wasn't really utilizing the library, anyway - I hadn't been in months - but I was about to change that.  I could really have used some new books - and some old ones - this week.  Last week was rather sucky, this week looks like more of the same, and a solid dose of "all the sweet serentity of books" sounds like just the thing. Alas, I am thwarted by my own lack of criminal foresight.

I already miss having an active library card.

I suppose that, wishing as I do to become a librarian, I should really practice upright and by the rules library usage. I don't wanna be without a library, though, and I am fond of that library, in particular. Also, as I said, I really don't want to get a card at the library in Bolingbrook. :(

The choices are more than clear. I just don't like any of 'em. I'll get over it, and hit the used bookstore.  They don't give a shit where I live, as long as my money is good. For tonight, though, blah, blah BLAH.

*whiny sniffly "pity-me-even-though-I don't-deserve-it" kinda noise*
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