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Ohhhh, I didn't know

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Ohhhh, I didn't know

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Volkswagen is making convertible Beetles.

It's no surprise that I didn't know that; I know very little about cars in general, nor do I care to learn more... in general. 

I saw one the day before yesterday, though.  The black ragtop offset the pale cream color of the body*, and ooooh...  It was like a tiny eclair!  Cute and classy - who could resist such a combination?  Not me!  I thought about that car all the rest of the way home, and clearly I still am today.

I've always liked Beetles.  When I was a child, we had several years of that adorable rondure in one of the family cars.  My father asked me what color to paint it.  Sure, the guys at work razzed him for having a canary yellow Bug, but he didn't care, because it made me happy.  It DID, too.  I loved that car.

Sadly, it was out of our vehicle pool a good five years (I'm guessing) before I learned to drive, so I never got behind that particular wheel.  Mom was anxious for me to learn to drive, but personally, I did not give a shit.  Poor Mom: if only she'd realized that I would have been much less apathetic about that whole process if I'd had that car in my future.  I never had anything against the 1976 Mercury Monarch (with dull red vinyl interior to match the paint job), but never had anything for it, either. I would have loved a Beetle.  LOOOOOOOOVED.

It probably wouldn't have happened, of course, even if the car had not already gone to live on a farm, where it could be free and happy, by the time I turned sixteen.  My mother says that they aren't very safe.  I'm wondering if that is new information, as it was safe enough for us to have one, safe enough for her to stick her kids in the backseat!  *ranty jumping up and down*
Ahem.  Anyway,  I have heard that that the new line is much better designed.   I already wanted one before I knew they had convertibles available.  And it's completely unsurprising that it's a Bug that's finally awakened car lust in me.

I think I know what my next car will be.  :)

*to see what I saw, click "Meet the new Beetle convertible" on the link above, enter the site, select "Colors" and slide the color bar about halfway between the second and third dots.  Shiny shiny shiny!
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