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drawing lines

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drawing lines

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If you have a co-worker who is also a friend, you need to keep an awareness of which issues are friend-things, and which issues are co-worker things, and handle each type accordingly.

*sigh* How many times do I have to learn this lesson?

I wish we were closer friends, so that I could be forgiven relatively quickly whenever I flap my stupid yap at the wrong time, instead of it kicking up tension over dumb issues like this one.

I wish I could learn not to flap my stupid yap at the wrong time in the first place. I know better, but I can't *internalize* it, other than temporarily. Sooner or later, my vigilance slips, and then...

This is the same failing in me, I think, that leads me to absentmindedly offer meat to vegetarians and drinks to alcoholics. What an ass I am!
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