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comm jump?

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comm jump?

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metaquotes is hoppin'. It's the most active LJ community I've seen so far (the next one after it that I've seen is probably the customers_suck comm - which is hilarious, once you've given in and discarded any hope for the future of mankind).

Considering that a lot of comms that I would like to see flourish instead lie like dying fish, producing only an occasional tail flop, I'd have to say that metaquotes is a huge success. However, I have more than once learned things there, which.. hmm... things which defy my worldview, I guess is the best way to put it.

Today I learned of the existence of anthropomor_fic.

I wouldn't say it's good; nor would I say it's evil. About the closest I can come to encapsulating my initial reaction is to say that I find it strange that this exists in the same world with backpacks, lima beans and dirty socks.

To be candid, once I think about it, I have to admit that I could probably get really into some aspects of the concept. Making, oh, say, for example, the concept strength into a character, Strength and writing stories about him/her appeals to my inner literary wonk. There's ample precedent for some of the other bits as well; anthropomorphism in general is liberally spread all over the things which are meant for children's consumption as the norm, and even in the lives of adults, there are cars, computers and of course body parts innumerable which have been attributed their own humanesque personalities to some degree or another. With thought, this becomes more and more acceptable to me as I move beyond that first shock.

However, the comm seems pretty wide-ranging just from the quick look-see I took. In general, being inclusive is an overall good, but personally, I draw the line a loooooooooooooong way before The Brave Little Toaster slash. *g*
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