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cleaning, exposed

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cleaning, exposed

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Good crap, I'm cleaning my apartment, but no one's coming to visit me. I must be doing it for myself! This happened last week, too. What in the world is going on?

I opened the blinds in the bedroom today, for probably the first time since we moved in. Anyone who is currently out in that snow-crusted outside world can now clearly see that there a huge mess in my room, consisting mostly of dirty clothing, even though it seems like I just did laundry. Well, it was two weeks ago, but still, this is awfully soon for the room to already be a mess. My laundry system is wonky at the moment.

Despite the wonkiness, messiness, et al, I have freely bared my window, because I have no shame - I care what no stranger thinks, and I don't know any of my neighbors. It's just so bright out there, and I want some brightness for myself. It's worth the heat loss as well (the blinds insulate remarkably well) to have some light in here that hasn't come from a sixty watt bulb. :)
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