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admission of guilt

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admission of guilt

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I confess: I have not done a lick of work, in an hour and forty five minutes of on-the-clock time. I suppose this is my passive-aggressive revenge against the company/boss for my getting written up (just cause I don't *care* doesn't mean they don't have to *pay*!  TANSTAAFL, enacted from *my* direction!) - but I really should get hoppin' before someone notices (not that it's likely, but... well, I have to appease my inner Puritan work ethic! "Before someone notices" is a sop to my inner majority, which is much lazier than Goodwife Wageslave.  If only she wasn't so loud!  And she has a stupid hat!  So there!  *razz*).

*sigh*  Anyway!  Onward!  *squares shoulders*  Paper-shuffling, ho!  *cracks whip*

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