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word to your otherwise

Met loh  and nick_number's friends, the once and future Js.  Nice to have people to attach to the stories.

Played Pounce before eating loh 's very very good lasagna.  I did worse than Frau J, better than Herr J.  He is apparently legendarily unlucky in Pounce.  nick_number  was the winner of the game, after 24 rounds, which is surely unprecedented.

After dinner, we played Wise and Otherwise, and please kindly note that I lost - in fact, I had the worst score. nick_number  and loh  tied for first, and when the tiebreaker didn't break the tie, they shook hands and determined that it was a "good game" at 23 points apiece. 

During a short break, we played a long hand of Egyptian ratscrew, which was also won by nick_number.  He-J was amused by my whining about the hand-slapping.  It hurts!

We attempted to learn, ah, point(edit: it's called "pitch" - loh set me straight), I think it was called; a bidding game similar to hearts or spades.  I don't know how to play hearts or spades; I have learned multiple times in the past, and have forgotten the rules every single time and had to relearn them anew each time one of these games comes up.  I always do this with card games, it seems, and thus am stuck as the perennial card game newbie.  On this occasion, I declared that I was too stupidheaded to learn the highly complicated rules, so instead we played another game of Pounce. nick_number won that one too, but amazingly, I came really close to winning that one. I seem to play better when stupidheaded. :)

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