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deep in the breadbasket I rested now

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deep in the breadbasket I rested now

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I am here in Lincoln!

After some interesting contretemps with the luggage while still at home, and an unbelievably good chicken Whopper at the BK on 83 and 83rd (I was floored by how good it was, seriously), Mike got me to the airport with pleeeenty of time to spare, in fact more than I would have wished: the flight was delayed.  Originally scheduled to depart at 9:35, the plane was not opened for boarding until 10:20. 

The ride was not smooth as we went up, and we seem to have been kept in a holding pattern for a while; according to the pilot, we were "competing with the traffic from O'Hare."  The flight was fairly uneventful, though the flight attendant on the overhead speaker seems to have been a thwarted performer of some sort; I found her amusing, but we, the captive audience, included some less appreciative members.  I heard some comments indicating severe displeasure as we were sung off the plane.  The one I saw had a sleeping babe in arms and it was after the hour of midnight, so I don't suppose I can really say she was being unreasonable.  The overhead performance was much funnier at the beginning of the flight.  The only thing that really stood out is that a woman on the plane was feeling ill, and they wanted to get her off first, so we were asked to keep our seats under pain of being puked on by her (or so I gathered from the bubbly flight attendant's comments).

Once I got out of the gate, I eventually saw nick_number  (I think I need new glasses, as I never seem to see anyone on my first scan of an area; or maybe I just need new eyes) and from there it was not hard to find loh, though she was hiding behind a column in a truly tricky fashion.  The ride home was peaceful enough that I conked out, mostly, I think, to spare myself the ignominy of being relegated to the back seat.

Today has been very laid back, which is a pleasant counterpoint to yesterday and the stresses of travel.

Not sure, but nick_number may be getting his cookies baked tonight - I still owe him peanut butter cookies, as per my previous post.  Would have made them at home, but frankly I was lucky to get out of there alive, let alone with baked goods.
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