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From an IM exchange:

Me: I'd be a terrible politician
Himself: Oh, me too.
Himself: Someone tried to convince me to run for a local office once, in champaign.
Himself: I refused.
Me: Good!
Me: Yucky!
Me: If you do the job right, you get shit on
Me: If you do it wrong, you are scum
Me: There's no way to win
i'm not entirely sure of that.
Himself: but it's definitely. . . more difficult and slimier than I would be able to deal with
Me: You have to be such a powerful personality in order not to be corrupted.
Me: I'm too lazy and apathetic for it to be worth it for me
Himself: Agreed w/r/t having to be a powerful personality.
Me: Is there an implied "Not agreed" w/r/t something else there? Or not?
Nope, just a lack of comment.
Me: O-tay!
(basically, I'm still unsure of the truth of that statement, so I don't want to comment :-)
Me: me = lazy and apathetic?
that is the statement I'm not commenting on at all, yes :-)
Me: you're no fool, nosirree!
Me: You're gonna live to be one hundred and three!
Me: Jiminy Cricket!
Me: That's not a euphemistic expletive, BTW - I'm referencing an old Disney series where JC (the insectile one) sang that song.

I've been flashing on this ever since we had this exchange, so I thought I'd post it.  This is arguably **adorable**! 

I'm pretty sure that at this point he's had ample evidence of my laziness!  Looks to me (and let me preface this by saying, yes, of course this is me reading into things!  What are journals for, if not for flights of fancy?) (and anyway, it's fun!) like he just might be doing a little cautious edging around the lion pit, which is more than fair, if he *is* - I do have a bad temper, and though he hasn't managed to spike it yet, he knows it's there - he's seen it aimed elsewhere. 

I've seen other women get irrational over even lesser things than it would have been if he had let fly with a jokey, "Oh, totally, lazybones!  Can't believe you even remember how to walk, you're such a layabout!" or somesuch.  Hell, *I've* gotten irrational over less - though, in fairness to me, only when it's a little brother pushing my buttons (little brothers have the superpower of getting-under-big-sister-skin)!  And my really irrational explosions *usually* only happen during times of great stress from multiple directions, when I need an outlet (and there are all these silly laws about not killing people, even when they *obviously* need to be expunged from the gene pool...  *sigh*).

Hmmm... alternately to all this, it may be that he's not being hedgy at all - he might be misled by my manifest willingness to expend all necessary energy on the tasks I consider worth doing (and worth doing well!). And I guess I haven't sent much apathy in his direction, either!  Maybe I look motivated, to him!  How funny, if so!

Aside: I'd have voted for him!

Hmm, this *is* fun, but it has clearly, at this point, become just an excuse to not go to bed.  And since we are *so* going to work tomorrow, no matter what, I guess I'd better sack out!  Oooh, hate the timeclock, hate it, HATE IT, HATE IT!  Wage slave = sucks!

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