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haircut and Buddy

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haircut and Buddy

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Looks like it's time for a haircut, as I have been obsessing over split ends. Cumulatively, it may have been as much as 2-3 hours since Friday! And that's too much! It should only be a 2 minute work-avoidance thing - not an actual activity in and of itself. Not that I'm ready for a straightjacket or anything - just need to cut it and get it back out of my range of focus.  Plus, I haven't thought about split ends in months - maybe it's all just coming down on me at once!

Besides, Buddy's in town!  Gotta look my best!  *primps*  *chuckles*

Hmmm, Buddy...  He hasn't called, and he was going to tonight.  Wonder whether he was social butterflying as usual... or if he is maybe a little freaked about me and Phillip?  Hrm... too late to call him, now.  I suppose we shall see!  Either way, it's all good as far as I'm concerned!  It'll burn off...

Odd, how this hair thing, one of the girliest of girlyisms (certainly the equal of my fingernail thing), is one that belongs to me, when most things feminine make me want to yark!  Then again, a girl's hair is her life!  Poor Akane...

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