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I think today is the first time it's happened at this apartment: I got in the shower without shutting my alarm off.

This always raises alarm - uh, concern - in me, because Mike does not hear it.  He's in the next room, snoring like a goose with a sinus infection.

For ten minutes the alarm goes off, and he sleeps through it.  *I* can hear it, though just barely, through the water that is drumming on my scalp.  Then I get out and turn it off, much to Savage's relief - I think it frightens him, and *I* never let it go off for more than a minute... unless I'm in the shower.

Someday he's going to sleep through an alarm that he really needs to hear. 

As for me... that alarm clock is still going off inside my head, just loud enough to hear in the shower.  Eurgh.

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