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Happy December!  My car doors are celebrating by being frozen solidly shut!

Not the locks - the de-icer worked on that.  The whole door.  I tried to get into the dang car for 20 minutes.  And I have never before today seen so many people in the parking lot at the same time - trying to get into *their* cars, and then scraping them off once they manage it.

I came inside to call in late, and to look for something to try to pry it open.  I've woken up Mike so that there's one person to pry on the door and one to haul on the handle, and right now I am waiting on him.

Bad enough that driving in this weather at the beginning of the season is like joining the Help-a-stranger-win-a-Darwin Award Laff-Olympics... but I can't even get to the starting line today.

Ah, here he comes.  Gotta fly!

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