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Our lease runs out in two months.  Normally, this is about the time when we admit to ourselves that, yet again, our apathy has kept us from finding, or even seeking, a new place to live, and we meekly go up to the office and sign the lease for another year.  This year, though, it looks like we're going to move in with Kelly across the street.  She was alone in her house after she split up with Gil.  John moved in, and then vanished into the night a couple of weeks later.  She can't afford to rent a house and live in the style to which she had become accustomed, so she's just been renting a house. 

Mike and I had talked about suggesting this when Gil first moved out, but we decided that it was too much, too soon - and at that point, we still had four months on the lease.  It's a good thing I had considered the idea before, because Kelly decided that it would be good for her so fast that it would have made my head spin if I didn't already think it was a great idea.

Happy happy! This has every chance of working out beautifully. Mike likes Kelly, Reid adores Kelly (he is over there more often than I, now - I feel certain he is pining for all the friends he used to have in Joliet), Kelly likes the boys, and then of course there's me (I love everyone, everyone loves me)(at least, that's the idea).

As soon as the boys get jobs that don't depend on Dad, we will have so much more disposable income it won't even be funny!  I'll be able to buy music! Yay!

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