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staying home in the snow

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staying home in the snow

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I have called in to work today, because it is snowing.  I consider it to be the first heavy (or, at least, it looks to me like it will end up being heavy) snowfall that has come down during a rush hour.  My reflexes are good, but *any* snow turns, oh, I'd estimate 60% of Chicagoans into idiots in their cars, and I am unwilling to trust the snow-borne fools who would surround us on the road today.  I prefer to keep myself away from potential Darwin award winners, given the choice.  I would go if Kelly, who is my carpool partner, felt up to driving - she is the more aggressive driver of the two of us - but she is more adamant than I about staying home.  She called a coworker on her cellphone, who said the roads are slick and dangerous today - that she would have stayed home if she didn't have to get her child to school.  That decided Kelly.

I usually do stay in during a snowfall, if I can.  The *only* motivator for me to go more than a mile from home at all today is work.  Heh.  Some motivator!  Not only is my job not worth *any* risk, but it is not even worth the 3-4 hour commute that today probably would include.  If I worked at a hospital, I would go in today.  If I worked at a *restaurant*, I would go in today.  I work for a shipping company.  I shuffle paperwork.  Except for 2-3 faxes a week, there is *nothing* about my work that is time-sensitive;  it can all sit on my desk for a day, or a week, with no harm at all.  My job does not matter to me, it's just a way to pay the rent - a moron could do my job, a computer *should* be doing three quarters of my job.  My company does not really deserve to have my mind working for them, anyway (so Ayn Rand is screaming at me from my back-brain!).

When Kelly and I called in, Sandy, our boss, was petulant.  Without getting into it, I'll say that though I think she is a stupid bitch, I don't actively hate her - I simply believe that she chose to take the job, and needs to deal with the consequences.

The snow's stopped.  We could get to work just fine now, but the hell with that!  My vacation time is my own!

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