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Nona, you poor silly chit

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Nona, you poor silly chit

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Why am I not in bed?

Well, I was. I was reading a bit to wind down. Stumpy came to see me about a matter of some pets she claimed I owed her, and I paid up a bit. Meanwhile, Nona came up and sat down next to my hip, looked at me wide-eyed and scootched up towards my head, a little bit at a time. In retrospect she was a bit extra-spookish, but she often is spookish as her norm, usually for no reason I can discern (or for dippy ones like, "I want pets but standing-up people aren't allowed to be near meeeeeeeee!"), and it wasn't enough to set off my "kitty's in trouble!" radar.

I first realized something unusual had happened when I gave her a real pet, and as I ran my hand from her head down toward her flank my fingers found her collar pulled taut against her body. It took a moment to register what felt different - 'say, that's normally looser... why is that so tight?'


I grabbed her. Realizing she was being grabbed, she of course tried to run. Good thing she didn't get away, because I would have had to chase her down - she was considerably slowed because she had the collar around her neck AND one leg. Yes, she WORKED HER ENTIRE RIGHT FORELEG INSIDE HER COLLAR. Having been caught, she lay there placidly until I got the darned thing unbuckled (was a little difficult with no slack like that). She did that little kid "Oh, we're done now? *ZOOOM-ZIP*" thing afterwards, too. *chuckle*

I shouldn't be surprised... and actually, I'm not surprised it happened. The only surprise is that there hasn't been an incident sooner. I was waiting for one - she is, after all, the same cat who gnawed the buckle of her last collar open. It'd been long enough that I was starting to think that maybe this one was actually a good enough fit as it was that she could wear it without incident. Obviously, not quite yet - incident right here and now.

I've punched a new hole in the collar (by alternating the tip of a pair of scissors, an embroidery needle and the point of a mechanical pencil); I'll put it on her soon to see if it's a better fit, but I think that even if it was only for a short time (I know it was less than a day, because she wasn't in that situation this morning when she was trying to wake me up to feed her) being bound up like that was probably stressful enough for her that she could use the rest of being Naked Cat! for a couple of days before I collar her again.

This stunt reminded me of her brother when he has extended play time alone with a plastic bag with intact handles. Meanwhile, Chirp still has her same loose-like-overalls-how-does-this-even-stay-ON-her collar round her neck as usual. And Stumpy is, of course, Stumpy. *shakes head* Why these cats all gotsta be so goofy?

Ok, time for go BACK to bed.
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